How kind are you?

There are many kind people in the world but also some not so nice people. We rely on kind people to help us when we are in a tricky situation, but do we help them when they are in trouble...?

So are YOU a kind person? Would you be willing to help out people in a difficult situation? Are you there for anyone having a hard time? Let's find out how kind you are:

Created by: Matilda

  1. Your best friend admits to you that she's been suffering from depression and anxiety for 2 years... How do you react?
  2. Someone drops £100 pounds out of their pocket and their is not many people around, Do you...?
  3. Your best friend says that she really doesn't want to hang out with you anymore, Do you...?
  4. Would you rather have 5 million pounds for yourself or spend it on charities of your choice?
  5. A 10 year old asks you for a lighter so he can light a cigarette, Do you...?
  6. You see a little girl alone (probably about 4) sitting & crying by a very busy motorway. You are driving a car, Do you...?
  7. If someone tells you their deepest secret (and you are the only person they have told) because they trust you, do you...?
  8. You see someone you don't really know but goes to your school/work is being bullied// beaten up by someone in the street at night, Do you...?
  9. Pick a symbol// (doesn't effect your score)
  10. Thank you for taking my quiz☽

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Quiz topic: How kind am I?