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  • You're 90% kind! 90%

    You are definetly way too kind.This is what I have to say,say no for once in your life or get therapy or something.People,if they have not already,will abuse this kindness and you could end up in big trouble.I'm saying this for your own good.

    X/ I try to be nice to people....

  • Okay, about the last question, 'would you do anything your friend asks you to do' but what if your friends asks you to shoot the president? XD i wouldn't do that.......

  • Guess what? Slayer is the worst. he ruined my thread by posting mean things. I think he deserves 0% if he took his own quiz. Not trying to be mean myself, it's just the truth.

    Isabel Star
  • Well...what did you think?


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