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  • "Name: Kinsly Johnson Age: 16 or 17 Gender: Female Sexuality: Bisexual Appearance: [img]"
  • "Totally okay!"
  • "Awesome!"
  • "I like it a lot! It seems super cute!"
  • "That'd be great, actually!"
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    "Well, Discord is blocked here at my high school."
  • "That sounds like a great solid! "
  • "My only real request is that it's MxF of FxF romance. Otherwise, everything is tossed up in the air for discussion!"
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    "Thank you, Jayfeather! It's nice to be back, honestly."
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    "I can only hope that I can be integrated into the family after everything that happened. ^^”"
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    "Oh! That’s nice. I remember they were really popular before I left."
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    "I think they go by Puppet Master... I can’t entirely recall."
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    "I kinda realized just how much of a dick I was. Especially to Lyle and Drew. So, I wanted to at least get an apology out there, ya know? I’m"
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    "And... I just recalled why I left... to anyone who remembers me... I’m sorry to whoever I accused, blamed, hurt, et cetera. I’m really, real"
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    "Holy crap— I lied! I remember it! :) Hey y’all!"

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