How Much Do You Know About Creepypasta's?

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Many people like Creppypastas, and some would say that they are the best fans (or something of that sort). Now, to test your true skill of knowing Creepypastas, I made this quiz.

Now, why are you here reading this when you can be taking the quiz. I hope you like it and I hope that you don't forget to rate and comment!! :D Enjoy!

Created by: Jinx Blackclaw
  1. What Creepypasta starts off as a forum discussion and it turns out that an old T.V show wasn't as it seems?
  2. In which Creepypasta, does a photographer decides to find out more about a show he watched when he was a kid?
  3. Which Creepypasta started out as a video on YouTube and then when people watched it, it tramitized them?
  4. Which fiction foundation was founded in 2007?
  5. Which Creepypasta starts off with a chain letter that leads to a weird/horrific website?
  6. Which Creepypasta was taken off of the Wiki because of the cute FanArt?
  7. Which Creepypasta is based on an unsolved murder?
  8. Who is a YouTuber that turns (most) Creepypasta's into songs?
  9. What Creepypasta story tells you how Slenderman became who he is today?
  10. Which Creepypasta is actually based off of someones OC?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Creepypasta's?