What would Laurkyn think of you?(creepypasta)

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Laurkyn is a tomboy, and a rock loving fan. She hates girly girls and pop music. She loves being alone, and loves drawing. She is a creepypasta, uses a hammer to kill and loves blue

Does Laurkyn like you? Maybe. She might even call you her "friend" hmm. Might give it a try, it's cool and stuff. Nothing really more to say, just try it out. :3

Created by: Non of your concern

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  1. First question; Laurkyn; uh....do you like Creepypasta? *raises eyebrow*
  2. Laurkyn; hmm....who is your favorite creepypasta?
  3. Laurkyn;..Are you a tomboy or girly girl?
  4. Laurkyn; what music do you like?
  5. Laurkyn; I don't know what else to ask....favorite color....?
  6. Laurkyn; What do you think about fnaf ((five nights at Freddy's))
  7. Laurkyn;.....uh...more questions?....s---....uh... Do you like undertale? (Game)
  8. Laurkyn; I don't know anymore questions.... Uh.... Oh! What games do you like of these games?
  9. Laurkyn; OH! I know, do you like the outsiders? ((Book))
  10. Last question Laurkyn; thank goodness....hmm, what do you hate?

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