How well do you know the creepypastas?

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Hi welcome to the creepypasta quiz/test. This is my first quiz so plz this info is from the pics I've seen and plz don't hate me as I didn't include all of them like Sally and Lazari. Hope u enjoy!

This is a quiz/test to see how much u know about pastas... Creepypastas to be exact. All have ONE correct answer. Hope u lot enjoy. Plz no hate comments if u comment if u do I'll cry 😭

Created by: Aimee Watts

  1. Which creepypasta eats kidneys?
  2. What are the names of slender man's brothers?
  3. Who loves waffles
  4. What's Jeff's real name
  5. Did clockwork stick a clock in her eye?
  6. Clockwork stuck a clock in her eye. But which one?
  7. What is clockwork's eye colour
  8. What is Jeff's email address?
  9. Roleplay now :3!Ur stuck in a room. There's no way out. U see a figure in the shadow. He emerged and it's a boy with a black hoodie and a blue mask. What are u ment to do?
  10. Is eyeless jacks name "eyeless" because

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the creepypastas?