What does Sally (Creepypasta) Think of you?

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Hello there! In this quiz, You are going to find out what Sally thinks of you! P.s, I Might be wrong, so please don't blame me if you get a good result and you get pranked after. Ok, Peace out!

Hello Creepy pasta fans! This is my first quiz, so...Please try not to laugh at me... I hope you love creepypasta as much as I do, This is the quiz for you!

Created by: KITTYCREEP
  1. Sally: Whats you favorite color?
  2. Sally: Favorite creepypasta?
  3. Sally: Do you think M-My U-uncle W-Will find M-me?
  4. Sally: Do you like Mr. Death?
  5. Sally: Do you want to play tea party?
  6. Masky: Do you Like Waffles Or cheesecake better? Sally: Hey! This is my quiz! Masky: Just one question! Sally: Ok...
  7. Sally: Bye! Me: FATE? or.. FATE? Sally: Uhhh...
  8. The fate question was a trick question lol, your not done. Sally: Favorite animal?
  9. Sally: Do you like to draw?
  10. Sally: Do you like Jeff the killer?
  11. Me: FATE? or... FATE!

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