Would you survive Creepypasta?

Can you survive the world of creepypasta! You need to be thinking and you have to have read the pastas! Remember, life isn't a game. Never look behind you if you already know what's there!

Okay, looks like you are being stalked a night. Now what. Can you survive creepypasta? Can you? CAN YOU!? Well I'm leaving that for you to find out. See ya!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. Let's start off with personality. Do you consider yourself brave?
  2. If you were to hear a noise coming from the basement what would you most likely do?
  3. Are you daring?
  4. Now specific creepypasta stuff. You're under the covers and you hear a tap on your window....
  5. You see slenderman in the forest, now what?
  6. You hear a whisper late at night "go to sleep"
  7. But then you hear another voice saying "don't go to sleep"
  8. Do you find yourself making faces at the mirror a lot?
  9. Your friend asks you to come the sugarcube corner to help her with a favour.
  10. Lets say you did go, will you eat the cupcake she offers you?
  11. You find a lot episode of a tv show
  12. You're playing a video game you found on the ground. It starts acting funny.
  13. Lets say your a dad or mom. Your daughter tells you she had a bad dream. She won't tell you why she can't tell you
  14. You hear something while you're in the shower.
  15. You are about to by mega man when you hear the store owner mutter "yellow devil"
  16. Do you take some what of a study in the paranormal?
  17. Oh look a lost episode that has killed many people before!

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