The Ultimate Creepypasta Survival Quiz

THIS QUIZ IS STILL IN PROGRESS. Hello everyone, I am a Creepypasta expert. This quiz is the finest survival quiz you'll ever find. Not only does it have great results, but also great questions. So please, enjoy!

So, are you able to survive? Let us test your skills in the hardest, longest, greatest survival quiz you'll ever take in your whole life. Beware, once you you begin, you must finish, or you'll never know if you're worthy of survival.

Created by: The Ginger Cat
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  1. Hello! First off, this quiz is official, and the most acurate one on the internet, designed by Creepypasta experts, for you. Are you ready?
  2. Okay, let's start with basic quetions. We'll get into roleplay and scenarios later. Anyways, here's your first question. Do you honestly feel afraid of Creepypasta?
  3. Very nice answer! Now, I believe it's time for our next question. If you encountered Slenderman, what would you do about it?
  4. Okay, thank you for being honest. Let's try a different pasta. How would you react towards Jeffrey?
  5. Okay, nice answer. So, what if BEN was after you? What in the world would you do?
  6. Okay, you probably want a break from this type of question so let's do something else. If you were cornered by a creepypasta character (of your choice) what would you do?
  7. Okay, now let's just go ahead shoo off those types of questions all together. Anywho, what's the first thing you'd do if you were to find out that Creepypasa character(s) are after you?
  8. Okay, nice answering! Now anywho, it's role play time!!!! This question doesn't affect your final score, but just wondering, do you like role playing?
  9. Well, if you don't like it I'm sorry but it is part of this quiz. Anyways, let's start. It's midnight, all you hear is banging in your home. What's you core reaction?
  10. Alrighty then! Remember, don't just click these answers, think. Anyways, time for another question! Whatever you did at first you ended up second guessing yourself and (now saying that you live in a one story home) you burst your window in search of help. You are now outside, now thinking that you were willing to do something different. You want to make a better choice. What choice is that?
  11. Okay, all very nice choices. So, let's go ahead and continue your story. Whatever you did, you eventually ended up fleeing into the woods. (Yes, I am aware that the woods is the worst place to be). Now that you are in the woods, what is your next move.
  12. Whatever you decided to do, it had somehow worked. It is now very, very dark. Pitch black actually. Now that it's completely dark and you cannot see, you must do something. What do you do?

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