The Thundermans Quiz of Knowledge

If you want to be the real Ultimate Super Fan if the Thundermans? Thus quiz will help YOU become one! The Ultimate Super Fan knows everything about the Thundermans, and I mean everything!

The Thundermans are amazing superheroes who star on TV! If you really are the Ultimate Super Fan that we've been searching for, theb rake this real-deal quiz to find d out!

Created by: Yaz
  1. Who does Max have a crush on?
  2. What is the first ever Thunderman episode called?
  3. What is the new baby Thunderman called?
  4. Where do the Thundermans live?
  5. Who did Barb used to be before she married and has kids?
  6. Who is older out of Max and Phoebe?
  7. Why did the Thundermans move to Hiddenville?
  8. What has Max pretended to get?
  9. From oldest to youngest, what is the age order of the siblings?
  10. What is Billy's superpower?

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