Do You Know The Thundermans? (By Lily L)

There are many Thundermans fans out there waiting for the latest quiz for the Thundermans. Please take this quiz, you will enjoy it. I promise! Good luck!

Are you as smart as you think you are about the Thundermans? Take this quiz to find out today. And if you fail, to bad! You might be a disgrace to the Thundermans.

Created by: Lily
  1. Who is the dumbest Thunderman? (Cmon, you know for real)?
  2. Who are twins?
  3. What is Nora's favorite thing in the whole world besides her family and friends?
  4. Who was the baby in The Thundermans; A Hero Is Born?
  5. What did Max want to be all his life?
  6. Who was Max's pet/friend?
  7. What type of superpower does Chloe have?
  8. What type of powers does Nora have?
  9. What type of powers does Billy have?
  10. What superpower does Max have?
  11. What type of superpower does Phoebe have?
  12. What type of superpower does Hank have?
  13. What superpower does Barb have?
  14. Which boy from Max's band liked Barb?
  15. Who was Max's side on when the Thunderman's secret was revealed?
  16. Who did Phoebe freeze when a villain robbed the museum that the high school was using for the prom?
  17. When Max gave him family's powers back, they were switched up. What made the orb circuit glitch their powers?
  18. Challenge question. After Barb woke up from giving birth to Chloe, everyone explained what happened. Colosso started talking about his butt, when Max said...

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Quiz topic: Do I Know The Thundermans? (By Lily L)