Ultimate Full House trivia

Only full house experts should take this quiz and make a 100 Check out my other quizzes such as ultimate total drama quiz and Ultimate spongebob quiz

are you ready to see if you are a full house expert if you dont do so well dont be afraid to try again even if you did do well dont be afraid to try again for that 100

Created by: Joe
  1. What is Comets moms name?
  2. how did Michelle say ice cream ?
  3. Who is Hermes?
  4. What color is the Tanner's house?
  5. Witch of these is a title to an episode
  6. How many seasons are there?
  7. what is kimmy's nickname for DJ?
  8. In season one witch room in the Tanner house has its own bathroom?
  9. Witch of these girls have not dated Joey?
  10. At the beginning of the series who does DJ have a crush on.

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