can you survive? :creepypasta

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this quiz will help you determine whether you will survive a proxy attack or not. I tried to make it hard to manipulate your answer. I'm going to continue the can you survive series as well.

please try to be truthful. if it says it won't affect your answer it will not but other than that they all will affect your answer either by a little or by a lot.

Created by: wolfi
  1. *This will not affect your answer*For this quiz I going to ask odd questions and a little bit of RP ok?
  2. which draws you in?
  3. could you leave your old life behind?
  4. are you afraid of death?
  5. do know a lot of information about the slender man?
  6. RP time! *This will not affect your answer*
  7. You're walking in the woods when you start hearing a humming sound. what do you do?
  8. the humming sound gets louder as it seems as if it's coming behind you. it stops and you feel a cold breath on the back of your neck. what do you do?
  9. you turn around and see three people. on in a yellow hoodie. the second with an odd mask. and the third has goggles. all of them have weapons. what do you do?
  10. when you stare at them longer you pass out.

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Quiz topic: Can I survive? :creepypasta