I Can Guess Your Gender!

Your gender is your state of being male or female. I made this quiz just for fun. Answer these 13 questions to find out which gender is more likely to be fit with your personality and preference.

3/5th [60%] of the people that took this version of quiz got correct. If your result comes incorrect, then it is due to your behavior - your behavior might be like your opposite gender, which is no deal.

Created by: Jeeshan

  1. Pick a color-
  2. Choose a color-
  3. Select a color-
  4. Which one would you prefer?
  5. Which one would you prefer?
  6. You do things by-
  7. Can you perform multiple tasks at one time?
  8. You are negotiating. Would you rather focus on the logistics or try to keep the realtionship between both the parties?
  9. Do you lose focus?
  10. Which genre do you prefer?
  11. Do you have long (more than 6 inches) hair or short (less than 4 inches) hair?

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Quiz topic: I Can Guess my Gender!