How Girly Are You?

There two type of girls in this world. Girly girls who love pink, pop, tiaras, dresses, and stuff like that. Then there's not-so-girly girl who wear baggy clothes, love football and getting dirty. Not to mention dark colors. Are you girly, not-so-girly, or in between?

Are you a total girl? Do you love shopping, going to spas, dress-up, dresses, pink, tiaras, etc. Or do you hate them all. Take my quiz and find out wwhich one you are. (Warning: This quiz may not be right if it is wrong...I'm sorry)

Created by: Kelsie
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. You wear pink basically every day
  2. You end up muddy every day
  3. You LOVE dancing
  4. You enjoy nature to it's fullest
  5. You love Zac Efron
  6. Your role model is Ashley Tisdale
  7. You used to/ still play with Barbie dolls
  8. You'd die if you met Jesse McCartney
  9. Your screenname includes cutie, pink, or girlie.
  10. This is the last question, are you happy it is?

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Quiz topic: How Girly am I?