??Are you Girly???

Girls. Tomboys,or girly girls. Some girls ask themselves that EVERYDAY. Or most say hey i know im girly girl no questions asked. Some people CALL other people girly or tomboy but then other people that know you really well say...You kidding me? She is soo girly girl/tomboy.

Well then take my quiz if you are soo sure of what you are or what you THINK you are. Have your friends prove of what you are! If you want to know for sure what you are just take the quiz. All the answers are up to the results.

Created by: Meagan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Tea Or Coffee?
  2. Friends or Boyfriends?
  3. Shells or Rocks?
  4. Is your Room mostly: Clean or Messy?
  5. Dog or Cat?
  6. Cars or Trucks or vans?
  7. Big birthday partys or a small sleep over for you and some of the girls?
  8. Pens or Pencils?
  9. Jeans or Skirts?
  10. Pick one: Stars Strips Shells Tape

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Quiz topic: ??am I Girly???