Are you a true Twilighter, or poser?

Are you another poser? Do you know what this series is all about? Are you lying to yourself? We are the fanpires, and we'll stick togeather. Team Jacob or Team Edward. But if your not one of us, we'll toss you out of the pack.

If you get above a 90% I promise not to throw you to the wolves! *Smirk* This covers the Twilight book series AND movie, it covers all the cullens, all the werewolves, and all the books, enjoy!

Created by: Andy
  1. Which popular acustic/alternative band makes all there songs about the Twilight series?
  2. What date did Stephanie Meyer dream up Twilight?
  3. What did Stephanie Meyer originally want to call the first Twilight book?
  4. Why doesn't Bella want to go live in Jacksonville with Renee and Phil?
  5. Who portrayed Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in Twilight?
  6. What is Bella and Edward's full names?
  7. Who made up Bella's deadly love triangle?
  8. Which Cullen served in a war?
  9. Which Cullen's have powers?
  10. Did they film the Twilight movie in Forks?
  11. Who is the most beautiful Cullen?
  12. Who is the strongest Cullen at the time of Breaking Dawn's ending?
  13. Which Cullen has the hardest time with self control?
  14. Who did Jacob imprint on?
  15. Where did Edward and Bella live after they had their baby?
  16. Which is the best charecter in Twilight?
  17. Midnight sun.

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Twilighter, or poser?