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This is for the students of Heritage High School who have worked so hard to try to make their dreams of going to Hawaii reality! Try your best to get the perfect 1000 to secure gold as well as a trip to nationals!

Do you have the skill necessary to get the perfect score to punch your ticket to the "Aloha State." Well lets find out! Good luck and as said in one of the Star Trek or Star Wars movies "May the force be with you."

Created by: Chris Meadows
  1. The layer of air surrounding Earth is held inward because of
  2. Crossing a climate "threshold" means
  3. The correslation of ice core content and climat suggests
  4. The climate sensitivity value is based on a change in global mean temperature, between the ice age and today of approximately
  5. What part of the climate system includes water ONLY in solid form?
  6. Many coutries have already seen increases in ector borne diseases at higher elevations and latitudes due to recent warming trends. Which disease is transmitted primarily by mosquitoes and had been found at mountain elevations of 1 mile in Mexico?
  7. Realizing the potential impact that humans have on climate, the United Nations convened the IPCC for the purpose of
  8. Which tree type has provided millennia-long climate evidence for the arid mountains of the U.S. southwest?
  9. In atmospheric terms, "scrubbing" means
  10. Changes in regional weather during an El Nino event is an illustration of how climate change is
  11. The typical albedo of a forest is
  12. Studying seasonal change by using correlation of tree rings between living and dead trees is called
  13. The Greenland ice cores, extracted in the early 1990s, provide clear records of climate change which occured
  14. Radiation emitted at Earth's surface is primarily
  15. Cold, wet times in Greenland correlate with particularly
  16. The wavelength of maximum emission of solar radiation is approximately
  17. Conduction envolves heat transfer through
  18. The solar spectrum mainly consists of radiation in the form of
  19. Studies reveal that the greenhouse effect on Venus results from a complex interaction of sunlight with with witch three gases?
  20. Approximately how many intense, abrupt warming episodes are indicated by the Greenland ice cores?
  21. Venus is often called Earth's twin because they
  22. All of the following have a major potential effect on climate EXCEPT
  23. In some regions of the world, death due to heat wavs is projected (by 2020) to
  24. Vertical rays of the Sun strike the equator, resulting twelve hours of daylight at all latitudes only during the
  25. Earth's orbital cycles directly affect seasonal ammounts of
  26. Which gases show cyclic variations over thousands of years that correlate with Earth's orbital cycles?
  27. The effect of the human-mad, climate forcing agent known as "white" aersols is to
  28. The "vector" in many diseases related to climate change is generally
  29. The albedo of water when the Sun is overhead is approximately
  30. The Earth's "third pole" refers to the
  31. Aedes aegypti is an organism that causes
  32. A body will NOT emit radiation if
  33. What change in radiation would likely occur if the temperature of a large area of Earth's surface increased?
  34. The zone of transition located between the stratosphere and the mesosphere is known as the
  35. Generally, to be an area with higher malarial transmission, the temperature should routinely be
  36. What does the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Control (IPCC) identify as a main issue in global warming?
  37. Climatologists predict that human intervention at current levels will force dramatic climate changes by the the year
  38. Lush paddy fields are supported by the humid climat of China's southeast costal lowlands and by the
  39. In contrast with conduction, heat transfer by convection
  40. In 1999, satellite images of heated ocean water and lush vegetation in the Horn of Africa showed

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