Mike's Super-Cool Quiz

The are many possibly "Super-Cool" people, but many never achieve such a lofty state of existence. Obviously, you ARE Super-Cool. You are probably both talented and beautiful. People of the opposite sex probably flock to you because they recognize your potential. It's certain that you have good taste in clothes and that you look awesome when you go out. Keep it up!

We at Space City Air define "Super-Cool" as only those people who truly are "Super-Cool." So take this quiz to find out, and, remember, not everyone can be "Super-Cool" like us. SO don't feel bad if your not "Super - Cool." Instead, maybe you just need to try harder.

Created by: Super Cool Airbrush Mike

  1. What is your IQ?
  2. Have you ever baked a clam?
  3. Firewood or charcoal?
  4. Boxers or briefs?
  5. Panties or thong?
  6. Mountains, beach, or T.V. at home?
  7. Blonde, brunette, redhead or bald?
  8. Dominate lover, Submissive lover, or Equal?
  9. Artist or Scholar?
  10. Do age diffences matter?

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