What Super Power Do you Feel You Have

There are many people out there that have great potential to being a super hero. You dont always need super powers to save the world. You might also notice that the results are just taking your characteristics to the next level, as for you to understand your true nature.

Do you have super powers? Only one way to find out... take this test and see if this trully maches you... C'mon I dare you...20 bucks says that you don't have any super powers ... c'mon ... prove me wrong ...wat'cha waiting for?

Created by: jesse
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  1. When it comes to making any thing, do you offten read the instructions?
  2. DO you get chills when people are sad around you?
  3. Do you or have you ever, had a dream about you saving the life of others?
  4. If you hear two people fighting how would you handle this?
  5. You are fighting agains your nightmares, what are the siquence that you would take?
  6. After a test/quiz you feel?
  7. You have a glass of water, you drink half of it...what do you see?
  8. You look at the sky and see a cloud, what is a question that you ask your self at that moment?
  9. Youfind out that your crush was thinking about killing him/her self, how do you take this?
  10. How do you feel to finish this test?

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Quiz topic: What Super Power do I Feel You Have