How Well Do You Know Jim Carrey

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How well do you know the infamous Jim Carrey? Do you think you know him better than he knows himself? Do you think you have all the known facts about this amazing actor?

Take this quiz to find out if you know as much about this actor as you think you do! I hope you like the quiz, and your score! I wish you the best of luck!

Created by: Mused Jade
  1. What is Jim Carrey's real name?
  2. What was Carrey's first gig?
  3. Where was Carrey born?
  4. What is Jim Carrey's date of birth?
  5. What is the movie that is know for giving Jim Carrey is 'big break'?
  6. What was the last film Jim Carrey starred in?
  7. What is a movie listed below that Jim Carrey has played in, that wasn't a comedy?
  8. What was the first award Jim Carrey ever received from a film?
  9. Has Jim Carrey ever been nominated for an Oscar?
  10. What is Jim Carrey's Net Worth?

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