staying in at the movies

If you think that you know everything about the movies then try this and see where it gets you. the times will be tough and your brain will become a wreck to find the knowledge to reach the infamous 100% but try if you may and see where it rates you.

Are you seen as a genius of film? can you out smart all of your friends? Do you see your self as a yoda of film? a Jack Sparrow of Knowledge? then try this quiz and see if you can win against all of the odds.

Created by: louise briggs

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  1. What actor played the serial killer in taking lives
  2. For what film did Al Pacino finally win his best actor oscar for?
  3. Who directed the film American Psycho?
  4. What is the name of Brad Pitts character in Fight Club?
  5. Who Plays 'Scarcrow' in Batman Begins?
  6. In the film LA Confidential who was Kim Basinger immitating
  7. Who played the TV host in V for Vendetta?
  8. Finish this saying 'remember, remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot...'
  9. In the film The Hole who is the first to die?
  10. Which one of these Directors started life out as an editor?
  11. Who Played Johnny Depp's love interest in the film 'Whats eating Gilbert Grape?'
  12. What was the name of River Phoenix's Character in 'My Own Private Idaho?'
  13. In Kramer vs Kramer who played Dustin Hoffman's wife?
  14. Who is Charlie Sheens nemisis in the film Wall Street?
  15. In the Harry Potter films what was the name of the Professor of Dark Arts in the 3rd film
  16. In Girl Interrupted what is the song that Suesanne and Lisa sing to Polly when she is upset?
  17. In the film 'Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind' what is the name of Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey's characters?
  18. In 'Breackfast at Tiffiany's'Holly Golightly's future millionaire husband is from what country?
  19. In the Nicolas Cage Film 'Gone in 60 seconds' what was the of the car he could never steal?
  20. In the film 'Dangerous Liasons' what is John Malkovich's characters last name?
  21. Who plays Lt. Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump?
  22. What is Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba's Characters names in sin city?
  23. In the film 'Girl with a pearl Earring' who plays the butcher boy?
  24. In the film Atonement what colour was Kiera Knightly's dress the night everything changed?
  25. What was the name of the film that Robert Downey Jr. was nominated for an oscar?

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