Are you a slimey slug?

Questions 4 thru 11 are the only ones that are factored into the score, the rest was just for fun. If you are not a slug, welcome to the human race. I don't what is stranger me staying up this late to do this quiz or you staying up this late to take it.

It seems like people are forgetting or never learning how to be nice to others. If this test made you consider that there is a right and wrong way to interact with others, then it was worth while. Being nice is contagious just as being a horses behind and can affect your day and the other people you interact with each day.

Created by: Rascal

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  1. Shopping Carts?
  2. Do you cut in line?
  3. When you walk your dog, do you pick the poop?
  4. Do you talk loudly when you dine out?
  5. Cell phone? Do you talk on your during a movie or while dining out?
  6. Are you a Litter Bug?
  7. Do you regift a crappy present to someone else?
  8. Do you tailgate other drivers?
  9. Do need to lose weight and still biggie size all of your food orders?
  10. If a tree falls in the forest, does any care?
  11. Which crossed dressed first the chicken or the egg.
  12. Trump vs Rosie?
  13. Barbara Wah Wah vs Trump?
  14. What's up with Katie Holmes?
  15. Is it just me or did Jennifer Aniston get a raw deal?
  16. I do My space quiz's because....
  17. My favorite color is?
  18. On the above question, ick! Why not pick a normal color. What's wrong with you?
  19. Have you ever stolen from a store? If so the dollar amount was...
  20. If you're a male, do you open doors for ladies? If you're female, do you say Thank you?
  21. Do you say excuse me or just expect others to know they are in your way?
  22. Is this quiz....
  23. I love to watch which sport on TV
  24. My first car
  25. My first date was..
  26. I got my first speeding ticket going..
  27. I use to think getting to first base was...
  28. My co-workers...
  29. Will this quiz ever end? Let's consult with the magic eight ball.
  30. What TV show do only watch when others are not around?
  31. The last question and your answer has been emailed to all of your friends, family and co-workers. How do you feel about that? (Kidding)
  32. My parents think I never had _____ until I was over 21.
  33. I cheated on
  34. I love long quiz's
  35. The last time I said good morning to a stranger they...
  36. This is an ESP question. Sending it now............ Did you get it? Anser below.
  37. Yes, I bet you can see the King's new clothes too. What kind od wine do yuo drink?
  38. Who is more honest?
  39. I've lied on myspace to others about...
  40. Final question. Do you feel better after taking this quiz than before?

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Quiz topic: Am I a slimey slug?