What Bug Will You Be When You Die?

There's many people out there who do not believe in the Buddhist Philosophy since it's not widely known or practiced or recognized as a real belief. However, since i am, i know in my opinion that we do become bugs in the afterlife. And depending what kind of a life we lived, depends what kind of a bug we'll be when we die. Hopefully this quiz will give you some sort of idea of what kind of a bug you'll be and how fast you'll end your cycle as a bug before moving onto the next. Some will find it good, others will not..but it would give you a perspective on how hard your life will be when you do become a bug.

To add to your answers: Ladybug, Pill-Bug, Caterpillar - 85-100 Percent Chance Survival Rate/ Cockroach, Spider, Beetle - 73-84 Percent Chance Survival Rate/ Ant, Fly, Bee - 61-72 Percent Chance Survival Rate/ Slug, Worm, Snail - 48-60 Percent Chance Survival Rate/ Leech, Mosquito, Centipede - 30-47 Percent Chance Survival Rate/ Maggot, Fruit-Fly, Silver Fish - 30 Percent Chance and below Survival Rate

Created by: mrduckbear

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  1. Part 1 - Human Life Have you ever physically abused someone before?
  2. Have you ever lied before?
  3. Have you ever made fun of someone before to their face or indirectly?
  4. Would you ever discriminate being friend's with someone based on the colour of their skin?
  5. Would you ever discriminate dating someone based on the colour of their skin?
  6. Do you believe in killing animals that roam in your property or for entertainment purposes?
  7. Have you ever killed an animal before?
  8. Are you a Liberal or Conservative?
  9. Do you believe in God or a Higher Power?
  10. If someone has made you extremly mad like a fight with a friend or b/f(g/f), how would you react?
  11. Have you ever wished that someone would die? or wanted to kill someone before?
  12. Do you have a criminal record? and have you caused public menace for any actions you have done like smashing things, terrorizing neighborhoods or vandalizing?
  13. Part 2: Treatment to bugs/insects Have you ever killed a bug before on Purpose?
  14. Would you ever kill a bug if it was just crawling/flying around you?
  15. What do you think bugs are in your opinion?
  16. How do you feel after killing a bug purposely?
  17. If you knew that bugs were really our next afterlife, would that change your opinion of them?
  18. Lastly, do you believe Humans are the superior race and deserve to judge whether or not animals (land or sea)/bugs should live or die?

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Quiz topic: What Bug will I Be When You Die?