Which animal will you be in your afterlife?

Hello, and welcome to my Animal Afterlife quiz. Have you wondered, if afterlife exists, what animal will you transform to in your afterlife? Will if be the graceful and intelligent deer, the strong and loyal wolf, the delicate and beautiful butterfly or the playful and giddy dolphin?

Are you ready to find out? Then this quiz is just for you! All questions have been thought out thoroughly and all results have a positive outcome in them. So enjoy!

Created by: kristine_192
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  1. Which of these activities fascinates you the most?
  2. You are...
  3. You see a street fight going on. What do you do?
  4. Do you consider yourself playful?
  5. Do you consider yourself independent?
  6. Do you consider yourself as the "leader of the pack"?
  7. Are you loyal and willing to protect your friends from dangers?
  8. You and your friend are fighting for your lives against a serial killer. Once you find out that your friend has been stabbed, you...
  9. Will you rate and comment?
  10. Goodbye and have a nice day.

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Quiz topic: Which animal will I be in my afterlife?