How are you going to be buried?

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Many people neglect their afterlife even they are still young. Specially important is how you get sent to the afterlife. Will it be just a few flowers and a casket?

You need to find out how your funeral is going to be like! Our award-winning psychic and psychiatrist A.I.(whilst not conquering the world) will find it out for you in short 12 questions!

Created by: Morph

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  1. You find a wallet in the street full of money. Contents otherwise are a bit unclear. What is your course of action?
  2. It's a beautiful day! What will you do?
  3. We are collecting money for feeding the starving people of the world!
  4. I'm the genie in the bottle! Name one wish and it will be granted!
  5. Name your worst fear from the following list:
  6. Assuming you are in a work, how do you travel to your working place?
  7. Good evening! You know why we needed to stop you madam/sir/whatever you are? It seems your vechile's break lights aren't working...
  8. You have been invited to a social event! What kind of people you are most likely to spend the evening with?
  9. Healthy food is for the health of mind they say. Your plate will be most revealing... What is your dinner tonight from our fine menu?
  10. You have reached the afterlife! Now why should we ban you from getting into heaven?
  11. Now that we are all gathered here to mourn you... What would you like the service to be like?

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Quiz topic: How am I going to be buried?