Which of my Book Characters are you?

Once there was a great battle of the elements. Two elements, Ice and Fire, did not want to quarrel. So they made a new breed to protect the lands. They named them wolves. However, some were filled of evil and hatred, so they picked worthy wolves and marked them.

These marked wolves are the Gaurdians, and they are part of Buried Ashes. But a un-marked wolf took power of the gaurdians, and so the elements of Ice and Fire arose new types of Guardians. They are the Griffen and the Four.

Created by: YoYopenguin

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  1. What is your pelt colour?
  2. You have just become a Learner, you've been taunted by the elder Learners. You become mad, so you leave camp. You rush to the edge of the forest, and suddenly everything becomes a barren desert.
  3. You wander into the dessert and find a camp of wolves, and they all have a marking on their paw. You go to a willow tree, and there is the Alpha of this pack. He stares at you, and says; "You will be the next Alpha of our clan!"
  4. But the wolf also says that it was forbidden for a wolf you your "UnPack" to become an Alpha. What Pack are you in?
  5. What is you rank?
  6. What is your personality?
  7. What name sounds cooler?
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Quiz topic: Which of my Book Characters am I?