What character are you in my book?

This is a quiz about a book I am writing. It is a very good book, with very memmorable characters. But which one is you? Take this quiz to find out!

Be the first to take my quiz and learn about my book! You will be able to say you were the first when it hits off, too! 74]=ntgrzs! (I let my cat type that)

Created by: Morgan4eva13
  1. What rank are you among your friends?
  2. What style?
  3. Do you believe in fairies?
  4. Favorite mythical creature?
  5. Favorite way to travel?
  6. Favorite shoes?
  7. fav weapon?
  8. did you like the quiz?
  9. Do you think my book will hit it of?
  10. Bye.

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Quiz topic: What character am I in my book?