which mistmantle chronicles character are you?

If you have ever read the Mistmantle chronicles you may agree that it is a good book.i created this quiz because when ever i would go to take a quiz on the book there was never one that had enough of the many important characters in the story.

Thanks to this quiz you should be able to find important characters you could possibly be,like padra,crispin,urchin,husk,and many more!!that is if you answer correctly!!:D And please DO NOT take this quiz seriously!!

Created by: Elise
  1. what is your fav color?
  2. what is your fav food?
  3. if you were to have a cape what color would it be?
  4. how would you describe your self in one word?(honestly)
  5. have you ever gone out with someone?
  6. if you could live in any of these places were would it be?
  7. do you like to swim?
  8. what is your fav thing to do?
  9. if you were an animal which would it be?
  10. if you worked in the mistmantle tower what would be your job?

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Quiz topic: Which mistmantle chronicles character am I?