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A lot of people love the DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul. But how well do you know the books? Have you read one book? Book two? Book three? All five books?

Take this quiz to check your DragonKeeper Chronicles knowledge. Find out how you fare against the other DragonKeeper readers out there. Are you up for the challenge?

Created by: jwilliamsonwrites of Novel Teen Book Reviews
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  1. What is Kale's gift?
  2. In DragonKnight, what is the name of Lo Pont's dragon?
  3. How many days does it take a minor dragon to hatch?
  4. In DragonSpell, Granny Noon gives Kale what?
  5. What color is the pouch where Gymn's egg stays?
  6. In DragonKnight, what do Kale and Bardon decide about their relationship?
  7. What is Librettowit's first name?
  8. What is the name of Dar's dragon?
  9. What are kimen clothes made from?
  10. What is Gymn's quirk?

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