Accalia 123 is da BEST!!! :D

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Me/K: This is a quiz I made for my best friend, Accalia! I call her by her nickname doe, Cal! She made a nice quiz about me so I'm going to do the same for her!

Me/K: Everyone, check out her account and give her some LOVE in the comments, she deserves it! I'm happy to have her here and I'm glad she joined the site!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: I want to start by saying thank you for making that quiz for me, Cal (Accalia)!
  2. Me/K: You are so kind, thoughtful, fun, loving, and caring!
  3. Me/K: You are so nice and I know your a shy person and all, but I want to thank you for welcoming me when I moved schools!
  4. Me/K: I also want to thank you for being my camera girl for my pranks! Also, I'm creating NEW ones XD!
  5. Me/K: Thx too for helping me help the animal community, I love working with you to support them! (Hope For Paws, Munchie's Place, Foxy and the Hounds, SaveaFox, and MORE)
  6. Me/K: I'm happy to have a friend like you, we're Sonic, anime, and Miraculous Fangirls! XD
  7. Me/K: Sometimes I don't see my worth and be careless about myself so thank you for helping me take care of myself and for keeping me in line XD
  8. Me/K: Tell Chilly (The Chinchilla) I said "Hi" and I can't wait to babysit her again! Also, my dog, Roxxi says "Hi!"
  9. Me/K: When I got bullied, you were a BIG help, you supported me and let me know that I don't need to care what they think! I can be as weird and goofy as I want and enjoy it!
  10. Me/K: I looked at your quiz and you said that the thing that made you be my friend was when someone said "I HATE YOU!" I told them "I hate me too, wanna be friends?" I remember that, you were laughing in the background, YEAH, LIKE I DIDN'T NOTICE XD, the bullies just left and when they did, I just waved! XD This reminds me of Chat Noir in the episode CopyCat of Miraculous XD!
  11. Me/K: Speaking of Chat Noir, I would say I cat pun, but I'm not all that Claw-ver! Anyway, your a Paw-some Fur-end! Your real Radi-Claw! You also have great sense of mew-sic! We will be best friends Fur-ever!
  12. Me/K: And for your information, I didn't BEG you to be on here, I just ask you over and over...XD
  13. Me/K: I am not the only one who thinks your awesome, doe! I know your a fan of him so.... Silver: Hey, Accalia, K has told me things about you. You seem nice and fun to be around. She also told me that you like to help people in the world like me. That's great! I can't wait to see you in our quiz together! See ya then, bye!
  14. Me/K: Thx for liking my stories, drawing, and music! I think your good at doing those things too!
  15. Me/K: I love all the memories we've created! Do you remember the prank when we went to GameStop and I was trying to get a new game cause I died in Mario Kart? They legit just took it to the back and pretended to give me a new one, that's what they told me when I told them it was a prank XD
  16. Me/K: Do you remember when I saved your life. I put a Caution stand in your pool so you wouldn't slip! XD
  17. Me/K: Cal, your just so awesome, you think a lot of people hate you, but your wrong, they love you! We all do, your not only my friend, your like my sister!
  18. Me/K: Your the BEST, Cal! Never forget that! You will always be my best bud! That's all for today and thanks for everything, Cal! BOI!!!

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