Shout out quiz!

So, I decided to make a shout out quiz because I saw one or two people talk about making one, I thought hey why not give it a try I never did this before.

It's important that u know: The options u choose don't affect your score at all, and the score doesnt matter, because this is a shout out quiz. All u need to know is 3 words: PEACE LOVE CONQUER

Created by: The Actual Boss

  1. Faceless Knight: You are one of my bros at this point, I rlly enjoy talkin to u and just having fun on PNW. Your sense of humor is top notch and you like to wear black a lot, like me. Even though u joke a lot sometimes I've kinda gotten used to it, and I'm kinda digging it now. Stay cool dude.
  2. dragonsfire: Tbf I don't think we've chatted yet, at all... doesn't mean we can't now. But anyway yeah cool name dude. I think I've seen you post something relatable, I don't rlly recall but you seem chill and nice
  3. Eggaly: I think ur one of the newer users, so I def don't recall talking to u. Like dragonsfire u seem chill and nice from what Ive seen so far though. And I gotta say your name is fire.
  4. ChameleonLeap: Once again, one of the newer users so I have yet to be thorough, but still I like the username its kinda unique tbf, compared to many other usernames ive seen. Also ur the one with an emoji picture thingymajig, emojis arent my thing but I'm cool with it.
  5. Mused Jade: I rlly enjoy talkin to u dude, I must call u a friend at this point, you've really helped me through tough sh1t. I'm also glad to be there for you too, you're just too awesome. We both write poetry so that's cool, and I really dig your writing style. Keep keeping on Jinx!
  6. Waffle Kitty: I don't believe weve talked more than one or two words tbf, but from what I remember you type without much grammar, not that it's bad or anything I'm just pointing it out. I also thought that white keychain was a rabbit but apparently it's a dog. Well i hope you dont lose the cool keychain. Stay cool.
  7. HephaestusChild: Agh I dunno how to start this, we don't really get along all the time, but I just wanna say I never try to be rude we're just on different pages at times. I think ur the one whos in a relationship with Effie. If so, congrats dude. Wish you two the best
  8. zilla: First word I think of is Godzilla. But the God part got taken out because youre so damn cool that YOU replaced God himself. Okay fr though, all I remember about u is you have a rad dragon pic and youre on the most chill users on the site.
  9. Typical Normie: Youre the dude that i met on the server and we literally said like 5 words to each other, but its enough for me to conclude that youre chill. I believe you told me you play baseball and we talked about sports a little. Hope you continue baseball dude!
  10. CaptainMop: For the longest time we didn't chat at all I think, but recently on the server I saw your Drek pic (from Ratchet and Clank) and I had to say something. Realized soon enough that we both dig R&C and other games like it. I believe you told me u are thinking of getting a new game. I wish you the best of luck in that pursuit

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