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This is just a little Shout Out quiz to about half of my beautiful friends around the world whom I met on here or found out they were on here. If I missed you - let me know.

P.S. If you are a newer user, if you want; write a brief description about yourself in the comments :) I read and reply to them so comment away! If you want, you can just read what I had to say about other users c:

Created by: Quiz Girl

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  1. First one on my list shall be: kwright - You are by far thy best person I have ever met on this site and I'm really glad we still kept in touch after we both kind of disappeared on here c: You're insults have gotten better, but not so much your people skills :P And yush, we shall play thy xbox together c:
  2. BodyGuard - My man cx I miss you 3: You just like disappeared on me and never came back, I know you're still there, I see you online all the time and you read my messages ._. So, like bish...reply back, please, I need you to love meh again :(
  3. Tails - Liz ^-^ I know I made this on your Birthday so...happy achtzehn birthday my love c: You shall still be seen as a child in my eyes though! You and you're sister are old...just yous still look identical or did Elizabeth get taller/weirder? cx Anyways. You both are just...fabulous~!
  4. Kelly Fox - Clearly you are still a lunatic but it's alright c: You're still my favorite redheaded anger button cx
  5. hunter14 - Aye boo boo :* You are by far the most angry son of a bish in thy group. Just because you can't beat me doesn't mean shiz :P Calm your moobs, aight? Love you, boo boo cx
  6. Steamy Cookie - I never knew you had an account on here, tbh. I met you on Facebook first through Hunter cx You're a pretty chill dude, when you and Hunter aren't being idiots together. You're on my favorite list (for guys anyways) cx
  7. funny avery - I miss you :( You were the first guy ever introduced to me, tbh. If it wasn't for Rebecca we would have never met. I shall always cherish the day you messaged me back :3
  8. Hoodling - You are my favorite hoodling, I swear to the name of my Lord above. You are thy best roommate ever as well c: I can't wait until we meet up again and hang out!
  9. jamaican_girl - I never realized that you were actually from Jamaica. Please, Kate; pardon my stupidity cx You have like, thy strongest accent I have ever heard and I just love it! You are so happy all the time and you never let people bring you down c: I love you!
  10. littlemissvamp - You are the funniest and prettiest girl I have ever met in my town, like seriously. I'm glad that we became friends when we did c: It really made me happy and it still does ^-^
  11. X 23 - You have the weirdest and sickest imagination ever, but I guess that's what makes you, you. I shall never ask you to change. But if I do, I give you all right to torture me to your hearts content cx
  12. Black Rose Kills - I love you and all of your stories, like I really do. I hope you nor your stories just randomly decide to leave me and never return. I miss you :*
  13. Dante - You can be an arse at some points but you know when to be gentle and kind c: I appreciate that, a lot. I hope your crush finally notices you and takes a hint ;)
  14. lovergirl123 - You are the last of this quiz, I know how much you like to be the last for everything so there you go my love. I hope you're happy c: You are by far the most random and smart girl that I know, keep it up you geek cx

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