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I absolutely love Annie. I am 11 years old, and I roam around the bedroom singing 'Tomorrow' 24-7!!! Are YOU a bigger fan than me??? I'm here to see..

Bet you don't know EVERYTHING about Annie, like I do....or do you? Well, this quiz will sort fans from fanatics! Trust me, if you get 100% WOWEE!!!!!!

Created by: Annie the musical fan
  1. The musical Annie is adapted from a....
  2. The first girl to play Annie was....
  3. Annie is set in...
  4. Which year did the musical Annie come out?
  5. Which girl was fired and replaced by Brittny Kissinger in 1997, due to bronchitus?
  6. Who is Annette?
  7. Name the other 6 orphans
  8. Which two people star in the movie Annie in 1999?
  9. Name the three girls who played Annie in Belgium in 2008:
  10. Last question: What is Annie's full REAL maiden name?

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