How Well Do You Know the 1982 Annie Movie?

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Some people know things, and other people REALLY know things! Are you a person who knows things or really knows things? Someone who really knows things hits the books and in this case, the movie!

Why don't you find out if you know things or really knows things!!!!!!!Take this quiz to see how well you know Annie the movie from 1982. I love this movie and musical and I think everyone should know about this movie!

Created by: Catherine

  1. Is Annie's hair an actuall cherry red or redish-orange?
  2. Who plays Annie?
  3. What song is Annie known for?
  4. In the song "Sandy",the orphans suggest names for the dog annies brings back to the orphanage. What are two names that are said?
  5. In the ending of the movie,Oliver Warbuck's suit is what color?
  6. Who is the actress who plays Ms.Hannigan?
  7. When Pepper said that Molly wets the bed,she walks on the beds to get to Mollys.Whos face does she step on?
  8. Who pushes Peppr off the bed and stats to do a painful move on Pepper?
  9. When Annie goes to NYC,what song do they sing?
  10. Who is the actor who plays Rooster?
  11. What is the name of the dog Annie finds and brings back to the orphanage?
  12. Who is Burnadette Peters's charecter's name?
  13. How are the three villans related somehow?
  14. What does Grace Ferral want in an orphan before she gets into specifics that involve Annie?
  15. What is ingraved on the locket Mr.Warbucks gives Annie?
  16. In the ending of the movie,the firework spell what?
  17. In the end of Annie-

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know the 1982 Annie Movie?