How well do you know Annie?

How much do you know about the doggie loving, giggling, OCD-ish, tidy, happy, brown haired, blue eyed, trainwreck that is Annie? Take my quiz to find out! And if you don't care....take my quiz just for the heck of it!

These questions range are all about me, and my habits, likes, dislikes, jobs, you name it, I tried to include it. But isn't that what "All about Annie" really means?

Created by: Annie

  1. Why is Annie creating a quiz?
  2. For once, Annie did not cry at the end of a movie. Which movie did Annie make it through without shedding a tear?
  3. Annie's hungry again! What does she grab to eat?
  4. This is Annie's favorite show of all time!
  5. Pick Annie's BIGGEST pet peeve. (They all bug her, but this is the worst)
  6. All the bouncers at this PSU hotspot knew Annie personally after seeing her so much
  7. How many hubcaps are on Annie's car?
  8. What was Annie's favorite hangover food in college?
  9. Annie used to smoke! What was her cigarette?
  10. Annie is a medical coder. What does this mean?
  11. Which of these jobs has Annie held?
  12. Annie's dog's nickname is:
  13. Annie would rather get hit upside the head than watch this sport on TV

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Annie?