How smart are you?

Genius or not a genius. That is the question. Please take this quiz made by Lewis and Annie to find out what is inside your head, brains or... nothing.

To find out the answer to this age-old question try this quiz, and find out if you are a champ or a chump!Sit back, relax and enjoy the quiz! Do not take any of the responses seriously, it is all said in good humour.

Created by: Lewis and Annie

  1. What is 7 squared?
  2. Add four to a number then times by two. What is this written as in algebra?
  3. In science, what is element 1 on the periodic table?
  4. What is pi?
  5. When did the Renaissance occur?
  6. Where is Spain?
  7. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, an athletes child will be stronger then them when the grow up.
  8. What was the symphony that Mozart could not finish because of his death.
  9. What is 10% of 20%?
  10. What is the largest South American county by area?

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?