The Devin Quiz!

There are many smart people. But what are they smart in?! taking this can give you smarts in the subject of DEVIN otherwise known as R4W or q00n. Kidding. haha. ;)

Are YOU a smart person? Do YOU know alot about me? Well find out RIGHT now. Take this quiz to see how DEVIN smart you are-------- :) Good freaking luckkk!

Created by: Devin

  1. Whats my favorite set of colors?
  2. Whats my favorite food?
  3. Whats my favorite animal?
  4. Whats my favorite store?
  5. Whats my favorite movie?
  6. Whats my favorite robot?
  7. Whats my dogs name?
  8. Whose my favorite actress?
  9. What my favorite set of hobbies?
  10. Whats my Astrological Sign?

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