All About Fractions

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Created by: sarika

  1. What is the definition for a proper fraction?
  2. Convert 18/7 into a mixed number ? the answer will be...
  3. What is the definition for equivlent fraction ?
  4. Convert 7 8/9 into improper fraction?
  5. what is bigger 7/8 or 22/25 ?
  6. convert 71/23 into a mixed number?
  7. What is the equivlent of 9/11 ?
  8. If Dan has $41.00 he needs to buy books, but the average price of the book is $8.00. So what is the mixed number of books he can buy?
  9. what is the defference between improper and proper fraction ?
  10. What is the equivlent of an improper fraction of 5/3 ?

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