Avenue Q Trivia ((Take Only If You've Heard The Music))

Everyone's heard of Broadway, right? And I'm sure many of us can hum a few lines from "Annie". But how much do you really know about Broadway today? There are many new, contemporary musicals. Avenue Q being a member of this group.

Avenue Q is a fairly new musical, but very popular. Are you a true Avenue Q fan? Well, we're going to find out! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures of this remarkable, refreshing musical.

Created by: Taylor

  1. What does "Schadenfreude" mean?
  2. Which of these characters is NOT a puppet?
  3. "I wish I could go back to college, life was so _____ back then."
  4. How much money do Brian and Christmas Eve donate to the School for Monsters?
  5. Who sings the song "Purpose" with Princeton?
  6. Which of these songs are not on the mix tape Princeton gives to Kate?
  7. What is the person doing in "There Is Life Outside Your Apartment" when everyone yells "Don't do it!"?
  8. "But you've got lots of bills to pay, _______."
  9. "Everyone's a little bit ______."
  10. John Tartaglia only does the voice for Princeton.
  11. Why does it suck to be Kate?
  12. "I'm not wearing _____ today!"
  13. Where does Rod's girlfriend live?
  14. Which of these lines does Nikki NOT say in "Fantasies Come True"?
  15. "Don't ____, relax. Let life roll off your backs."

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