How much music do you know of ?

This Is a quiz to test you're knowledge of music. It is various artists of various genres of music. I hope you do well cause there is probably music alot of you never heard of.

I don't know what to say here but i guess i'll write this here cause i can to take up space and time.I'm just writing here cause this space is a lame peice of crap.

Created by: Mike

  1. "So now we fly and we're free, we're free before the thunderstorm"
  2. " Can You Forgive Me? I Never Knew, The Pain You Carry Deep Inside Of You"
  3. "The bass, the rock, the might, the trouble, I like my coffee black just like my metal"
  4. " I see her in my dreams, except she wasn't there"
  5. " So needless to say of odds & ends, I don't need "
  6. " As long as the planets are turning, as long as the stars are burning"
  7. " It looks as though, Don't let him go, and if its real, I don't want to know"
  8. " The door was opened and the wind appeared, the candle blew then disappeared"
  9. " Here we stand, worlds apart, hearts broken in 2, in 2"
  10. " I don't think you trust in my self righteous suicide"
  11. " Let retribution hold dominion over earth, for judgement days not coming"
  12. " Up here in space, I'm looking down on you"
  13. " No one knows how I feel, what I say unless you read between my lines"
  14. " Just a castaway, an island lost at sea"
  15. "Gun shots raged out like bells, i grabbed my 9, all i heard was shells"
  16. " Waiting for the day to geta speedy getaway"
  17. " Shall I Call on you to guide me well, to see our hopes and dreams fulfilled"
  18. " Static In The Air, lights burn red, got my mind made up, got my trigger finger ready to go"
  19. " The little faggot with the earring and the make up, yeah buddy thats his own hair"
  20. " Shes a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother"
  21. " Til now, always got by on my own, i never really cared until i met you"
  22. " Maybe I'm just too demanding, maybe i'm like my father 2 fold"
  23. " There is no pain you are receeding, a distant ships mark on the horizon"
  24. " Onlt time will hear you say, your words made a fool of me, my dearest treasure torn away"
  25. " Freezing, can't move at all, screaming, can't hear me call, i am trying to live"

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Quiz topic: How much music do I know of ?