New School, or Old School?

Now there are many people now days that just think they know what music is... I wanna call them "Fakes" but are you one of the odd men out, with true originality and flavor? Do you really know what kind of music you listen to.

Are you A real man of music? do you really think you understand where all your music comes form? well now thanks to my quiz you can see for yourself!

Created by: Benjamin Stidham

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which music artist do you like the most?
  2. If You Could Choose Any Time Period To Live In, Which Would you Choose?
  3. Do You Think Hip-Hop Is Dead?
  4. What Is Your Style In Music
  5. Which Of The Following Artists Died In 1995
  6. Have You Ever Heard Of Sugar Hill Gang?
  7. Do You Think Old School, And Hip-Hop Should Come Back
  8. Do You Think 50-Cent And Eminem Are What You Call "Real Music"
  9. Which Of The Following Artists Made The Song "Fakin' The Funk"
  10. Which Of The Following Artists Made The Song "Walk It Out"

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