how well do you know annie

many people think they know me, but do they really know the mundane details that makes up "Annie"? Take my self absorbed quiz and find out! With some questions there are more than one correct answer

How well do you know annie? Do i like tea? Do i like hip hop? Do i enjoy water sports? Do i want to be an actress or a police woman? So many questions and all so so important! of course none of those questions are in the quiz

Created by: Analisa Woods
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is my favourite tea
  2. What is my FAVOURITE movie
  3. What job do i want to have
  4. what colour are my eyes
  5. what is my favourite band
  6. what would i most likely be doing at a party
  7. what cant i do in a car
  8. what is my middle name
  9. name one of my pets
  10. what do i have on my bedroom wall
  11. what do i do to find out the future (what option do i use the most)
  12. my role model is
  13. what perfume do i wear these days

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Quiz topic: How well do I know annie