Shout outs from Carrotop!

So this is just a big shout out quiz to my friends and GTQ family love you all so much!!! So glad you all are on here!!! Really appreciate it!! See ya soon!!!

If I forgot you I am so very sorry!!! I will put you in my next one!!! I promise!!! Come on I need so mny characters? Seriously? Randomness!! Overly used puncuations!.,'`-:.

Created by: Carrotop

  1. Azy, I'm so glad we're friends, wait, no, sisters. We really need to chat more! Oh, and did you know you were my first friend? Love ya sis.
  2. Aud, you were my second friend on here. I even remember the profile pic you had when we met(a turtle), and I'm so glad we are still friends, and sisters. Love ya!
  3. Mari, I'm really glad we're friends, and that we respect each other. -gives some fish-
  4. Teresa, I'm kinda sad you left. But atleast we can keep in contact. E-mail me if you ever have a problem, it may take a while for me to respond, but I'm there for you.
  5. Tori, sister! My e-mail is always open if you ever need to contact me at all. I'M LOOKING FOR A WOMAN WITH SOME BENDS READY TO LOOSE IT. Lol.
  6. Kev, I think you're really funny and you're a good friend. Really looing forward to the Sergent Flipper quiz series!
  7. Rissa, we haven't talked in a while and we need to catch up!
  8. Calypso, thank you SO much for helping me with my book, I greatly appreciate iy.
  9. Lucy, you aren't on much any more, miss you!
  10. Belly! Yes you Sel. You're a great friend and I'm realy glad you're on GTQ.

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