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This Is A Big Shout Out Go My Group Of Friends And Family On GoToQuiz .Com . I Mean ... It Is HUGE , TREMENDOUS , HUMONGOUS ! *Laughs Out Loud* So i Love The People Whom i Am Shoutinq Out In This Quiz Thinqy !

Some Of The People i Introduced In This Shout Out Quiz Ish Azy , SwaggMonkey , Zane Is Here , Etc . You Guys Make Me Lauqh And i Love You And This Is Just An Appreciation Of How Much You Mean To Me :D

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. Ok , First Off , i Want To Give A H U G E Shout Out To AZY . She Was Maii Very First Friend On GTQ.Com & i Love Her Like A Sister :)
  2. Next Shout Out Ish To My GTQ Family . Teresa22 Ish My Grandmother , I Forqot My Name ( Tori ) Ish Maii Great Aunt , Selena2 Ish My Great Grandmother , The Coldest Sun ( Mari ) Ish My Great Great Auntie . Then There's Great Great Auntie Takos , Clarissa13 Ish Maii Sister ( Love You !! ) , SilverTree Ish My Auntie , & Samantha Ish My Mommy ! Trust Me , There's WAAAAAY More People In This Family , But These Are The One's I'm Closer Too x3
  3. Shout Out To Zane Is Here . He Ish Amazinqly Funneh ! He Makes Me Lauqh EVERYDAY & I'm Glad To Have Him Apart Of My Life . P.S. Zane , You Ish So Cute With Mia Is Silence . You & Mia Ish Best Couple Ever !!!! Lol , Love Yuhh Bro :)
  4. MrsMellark - I'm Glad i Was One Of The First One's To Be Your Friend On GTQ . Your An Amazing Person , Your Funny , Nice , & i Love You . But You Haven't Been Online In Like Forever x/3
  5. Now To CuteyJackie AKA SWAGGIRL Or Just Jackie :D Well , Where Do i Even Start ? i Knoe You Had An Account Named CuteyJackie , But i Never Knew You Until You Made The New Account 'SWAGGIRL' . i Was There Since The Start , i Bet We Wouldn't Be Friends Riqht Now If i Wasn't Online The Day You Made That Account ! You Miqht Be Annoyinq At Times , & You've Pissed Me Off A Couple Times Before , But i Still Think Of You As A Sister . And You & El Are So Gorgeous Together !! Ok , Well Bye You :)
  6. Blacky Chan ( El ) i Feel Like i Can Tell Anythinq To Him . He's Really Weird But He Understands Me & Ish A Great Listener . And Even Thouqh He Aqrivates Me , He's Really Funny , Too :D
  7. Awesome89 Or Tony , He Ish Really Mean . We Used To Be Friends .... But i Dunno What Happend -.- Now We Really Hate Each Other For No Reason , & He Has Been Wantinq To Kill Himself For No Reason - That Makes Me Mad , Too . & i Feel Real Bad Cause i Never Knew He Was 16 , All His Family Ish Dead , He Lives In An Apartment By Himself , Has A Job , That's Real Sad To Me :( So Tony , If Your Readinq This ... Im Sorry /:
  8. Quick Shout Outs : Carrotop , Honestly , i Think Your Really Annoyinq . Lucheartfilia , You Are Sooooo Nice & Funny :) GTQ , Im Not Goinq To The Dark Side With You -.- Anri Hyuga , You Fiqht Too Much ... Broken , Your Mean :P Tori , Your An Awesome Soaper !! PurpleRaven , Your Nice :D And ...... SwaggMonkey , Your Just ...... Lol ;)
  9. Ok , So Maii Birthday Ish Tomorrow . Anyone Goinq To Wish Me A Happy Birthday In The Offbeat Thread ?
  10. Ok , Bye .

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