Love Complications shout outs- From Bluebird!

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Hey guys this is my shout outs quiz for Love Complications! Hope you have a great time in your life and don't let people get you down! Even though I'm a bit down myself...

"If you ask me how I'm doing, I would say I'm doing just fine, I would lie and say that you're not on my mind. But I go out and I sit down at a table set for two And finally I'm forced to face the truth, No matter what I say I'm not over you, not over you."

Created by: Bluebird

  1. Hey guys! I was going to do this earlier but then I got caught up and everything... I just got dumped by my boyfriend... Anyways, I need to get the next one out but first to thank some special people!
  2. First of all... @xxblutixx! She's amazing this girl! She got a shout out for my HP quizzes as well because she has always stuck with me and been so nice and encouraging! I love reading her comments and reading her quiz series Don't leave me hanging which I currently need to take the next part! Which is out and I'm sorry I haven't taken it yet! I wanted to thank you so much for all the support and the kindness you show! Love you!
  3. Next we have @_ViolaLover_! Also another girl that I would love to thank and also congratulate on her magnificent series! Her HP one, 4,3,2,1 and Magical Love! Amazing writer and truly an amazing girl! Love you! Also we have @Puffball! You're comments are always so funny and I love to read them! Truly terrific! You always brighten up my day and everyone else as well with your hilarious and awesome comments! Amazing! Love you!
  4. Also we have @angelic4 who is also amazing! She's been terrific and always lights a smile on my face! Love you!
  5. I know my quiz series Love Complications isn't very popular and I may end up ending it earlier than I planned. But I wanted to thank everyone before I do say my goodbyes to the Love Complication Gang early. I will probably end it somewhere between 10 and 15. The only quiz that's really going well is my HP quiz... Please check that one out! So I want to say a whole heap of thanks! The first quiz has had 182 people take it so far but my latest one only had 15 so I know it's starting to unravel it's 5 minutes of fame.
  6. So thanks to @zomgirl, @Xx 3mo_Star xX, @skatterbrain, @coollulu, @alyk4321, @Kimmy2224, @Angelsbloodytear, @truewolf14, @sundaisy, @swagg chick, @nonchalontly, @Faith, @hazelfangsbite, (she has a great series by the way), @Jayla, @elf maiden and Hungergamesluver!
  7. Sorry if I forgot anyone! Also thank you to all my readers who can't or haven't commented! I'm kind of sad that I'm gonna rap this up earlier when I started. But I knew this wasn't going to end the way I wanted when I started this quiz series as my very first. Thanks so much everyone and I love you all!
  8. just skip to the end... It says I need 12 questions to finish this...
  9. *skip*
  10. *skip*

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