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  • I'm sorry you're feeling sad about your ex-boyfriend, but that guy should feel even more sorry for himself that he had such an idiotic moment and ruined his chance for spending time with such a wonderful, creative, nice, and, in general, great person like you :3 Like HogwartsLove said, keep your head up and know that we can always be here for you :) Thank you for the shout-out! ^^ haha, from what I've been hearing, my recent part was good and the cliffhanger was evil >:) Keep writing, Bluebird, you're an outstanding author and I love all your series!(though my little favorite has to be "A fallen love story" :3)

  • Your ex boyfriend is a jerk. I am not lying. If he just chose to leave you just like that, he's a complete arse. I understand if you still have feelings for him. I know the feeling to be heartbroken. It's being crushed and you feel as though you'll never get out of this pain. I assure you that that guy is a total loser, but that's just my opinion. Look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? A beautiful girl. You're gonna find someone someday that might actually treat you well. There are better guys out there. Don't cry over one guy who thinks he's better than everyone else. I still have feelings for my ex too and the hard part is, I'm gonna have to see him the whole day Saturday. He's gonna be with another girl. How does that make me feel? Like an ugly person. But I just have to know that a jerk like him does not deserve a well respected girl like me. It was his choice to cheat on me. I know I'll get over him someday but I don't know when. xD Just keep calm, don't study him. It'll be hard, I know but i'll be the shoulder you need if you want to cry.

  • @angelic4- Thanks so much!

    @_ViolaLov er_- Thanks so much as well! You guys are really helping me along! No problem you deserve to be mentioned my very fine friend!

    @Hogwart sLove- Thanks! Thank you so much and if I ever need to talk I will! Thanks so much for your support! I really need it right now...

    @5thMarau der- Thanks! What happened? You can tell me anything! I'll be there! My email is brisingr@live(.)com .au without the brackets.

    @xxblu tixx- Thank you! No problem and I really need to check it out! I will as soon as I can! Yea I need to get the next part up for that as well! I will soon I promise!

    @Aria- Thank you so much! I read the quiz that you made and I left a comment. That was so unbelievably nice of you and I ant to say a very big thank you! Love you and I also read @natuhleegayle's quiz that you're in hospital :o! I hope you gt better and if you need to tell me about anything I'm there as well just like you have been for everyone else! My email is brisingr@live(.)com .au without the brackets.

  • Sorry about your boyfriend. He obviously doesn't get how amazing,fantastic,k ind and- that list could go on forever! Don't give up :) I'm not exactly a happy camper either at the minute but that don't matter ^_^

  • Aw =( I'm sorry about your boyfriend. In my opinion, he's an idiot for letting you go, just sayin. Thanks for mentioning me, you really have no idea what that means to me! Write on, my friend. =)

  • I'm so sorry! It's hard getting over that. I hope you can keep your head up, girl, I'm always here for you. My other email is WhaleYou@gmail(.)co m and my other is, as always, HogwartsLoveQuizzes @gmal(.)com. Email me when ever, swear! If you need my number I'd be willing to give it to you, you can call me on a blocked number so I can't call back just in case, but if you need me, FIND ME. I love you, keep writing and keep your head up! I'm in this with you!

  • Sorry about you boyfriend, his loss he didn't see what a truly magnificent person you are

    Thank you for the shoutout :3

  • Bluebird, I just made a quiz for you =D

  • @HogwartsLove- I emailed you on your WhaleYou email xD


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