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Hey guys I need to do this and have been meaning to for a while and it's not because everyone else is doing it. It's because there are some serious people that need to be thanked!

Enjoy and if I forgot you then I'm so sorry! IF you're wondering there will be other ones for my other 2 quiz series! Love you all and I hope that you know that!

Created by: Bluebird
  1. Ok so this is my shout out quiz for my HP quizzes! If you're not on this but you're one of my HP fans then I'm deeply sorry! I'm also going to have shout outs for my other quiz series but in other shout out quizzes. I've been meaning to do this for a little while and I'm not just doing this because there are other people doing it! It's because there are some serious people I'd like to thank! I love these people! I also might need to put some people in the same paragraph because otherwise I'm going to have so many questions!
  2. First we've got @natuhleegyale! Love this girl! She's stuck with my HP series since the very first one and always manages to leave nice and heartwarming comments that brighten my day! She has an amazing quiz series herself and if you haven't checked it out then you should! She one of the two writers that inspired me to write this series and she's inspired a lot of other people! Thanks so much!
  3. Ok this one's for @HogwartsLove! I love this girl as well! I love all these guys but let's focus on her for a second! She's so nice and she made shout out quizzes that shows how much she loves her fans! Amazing quizzes too and when she said she was going to quit I was crying :'( But I hope it's all better now and I'm always going to stick by her! She's the other person that inspired me to make this series so thanks so much!
  4. Ok @angelic4! Amazingly nice and she always comments and she has some shout outs as well! I've been meaning to take some of her quizzes and so sorry that I haven't yet! I'm so glad that this wonderful girl takes my quizzes! Next we have @xxblutixx! Amazing, wonderful, nice and a stupendous writer! Check out her quiz series Don't leave me hanging! They're fantastic! She has taken all my quiz series and she will no doubt be in those shout out quizzes too! Love her! Amazing and she's sticking by my quizzes!
  5. Also to @spotty dinosaur. She's amazing and she has her own amazing HP quiz that starts off in first year and it's unusual but amazing! Love it and she's an amazing person! I say amazing too much! Must look up words on the thesaurus! *looks up* Ok I got it! Astonishing! Fantastic! You get the point check out her quizzes! @Calypso1315. Let's see what can I say. To start off with she's as always, amazing! She's so nice and please check out her Percy Jackson Love Story series! She's a really great writer and it's great because there aren't many Percy Jackson quizzes on GTQ! Can't wait for her next one! Love her!
  6. I can't forget @Jayla! She always comments and leaves a smile on my face! I can never forget this girl! Just a delight and she's stuck by the whole way through! She always reminds me of things and I thank her for that and she's just so nice! Next @_ViolaLover_! Like everyone she's always so nice and she has stuck by through my quiz series just like @xxblutixx and will probably be in another of these shout out quizzes as well from me! She's just blows me away with her quiz series as well! 4,3,2,1, her HP series and Magical Love!
  7. @FireSoul Love her! She's got her own magnificent HP series and I love those quizzes so much! I want the next one! I always look down the new quizzes list for it! Next shout out is for @zomgirl! Love her and like so many others she's stuck by me and always been there! So many things to say but just can't be put into words!
  8. @WTF_NINJA always manages to make me laugh and smile! Truly an amazing person and I love the comments! @Princess_Demon! Love her! She's got her amazing HP series and I need her to put more up! She's so supportive and has a great attitude!
  9. How can I forget @Jamie?! This girl is amazing and she doesn't have an account but she is an amazing writer! Just fabulous! She entered my contest that I had a while ago and she did win! I was blown away by her amazing style and fantastic skills! She should get an account! She's so nice too and always a joy to hear about! Also to my best friend Lauren! She also doesn't have an account but she follows my quizzes and helped me write part 14! She's a fantabulous friend and she's so nice and I keep on saying to her, "Get an account!" She will soon she always says and she's hoping to get one within the next month or so! She loved all the nice comments on the little snippet of her novel and is hoping that she can make a really good quiz series that might out might not, be depending on how it goes, she might turn it into a new novel of hers she's got a lot of ideas! I'll keep an update for when she gets an account!
  10. Ok to @5thMarauder she's amazing and just a really great girl! Thanks so much! So many thank you's but I mean every single one of them! Here's to @amazingfulyweird who is also another on of the commenters on this series! Stupendous! @miumiutheemu as well! Simply so nice and amazing! I say amazing so much as well bu I mean it I really do! @Allycat is another! Love her!
  11. @Sssieth is another! There are so many that I have to thank so these ones that have more than two in a paragraph don't frequent as often and I aren't as close to them as some of the others but I still love them all! _celloplayer_! Love her and her quizzes! This is a girl that needs to put up the next quiz in her series! Elemental Love is amazing! @live laugh quiz! Haven't heard from her in a while but she's great! @elf maiden! Another great person! @dracomalfoy! Also amazing! @HogwartsIsMyHome! @rosekat! @Chickengirl! @firegirl88! @truewolf14! @cantstoplaughing! @Shady_girl! @sm303! @Samantha2332 who also has an amazing quiz series tonight tonight! @LinxLady! @PersonXD! And she hasn't commented but I just have to mention @Aria! She's amazing and so nice!
  12. Also to the people who don't have an account and have taken my quiz series I love you all! It means so much to me that you guys take my quizzes when you could be doing something better! Thanks so much!
  13. I need more to say but these people just can't be described in words! None good enough! This is for the whole series of my HP ones and there will be another for my Love Complications one and for my A Fallen Love Story as well! Love you all and I want you all to know that you're all amazing and that if you have a problem I'll always be there! No matter what! You guys always make me feel way better! :) Thanks so much! ~Bluebird out

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