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  • Aw :3 thanks Bluebird, this was sweet to take the time looking up all your fans ^^ You're a marvelous writer yourself!(thank you thesaurus XD) And thank YOU for following my series

    @Freeze *gasp* it's Lauren, is it? I hope to see more of your writing sometime soon :)

  • Awwwe, Blubird...I wasn't expecting a shout-out at all, I was really suprised when you mentiotioned me, your toooooooo sweeeeet, this quiz just brighted up my day, I'll defintly check out all G2Q users quizes that I haven't, love ya to bits! (like a friend/sister) Your super dooper choclate sprinkle toffee apple nice! :)

  • Oh wow! Thanks you so much for your support and the shoutout! I'm glad I could inspire you but you have to be one of my favorite writers here! :') Your work captivates me pushing me forward to read on! Please don't stop writing! I would be devastated :(

  • Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I positively love you! I feel so honored to be mentioned, especially by one of my favourite writers! I've got to read on; thanks so much for always sticking by my side and continuing to stick by my side! I never could ask for more!

  • Hey there Lauren!!! It's me Lauren!!! I got an account! I'm going to go onto make my first quiz! Thanks so much for your kind words and thanks so much for putting up with me over these past 5 years! Love you girl and like you say, words can't even describe what I want to say right now!

  • Thank you for mentioning me, dear! I have to say, this was so sweet of you to do. I almost fainted from the overload of sweetness--well, you get the point!

    Anywho, keep up the good work!

  • @Freeze- Hey Loz! OMG you got an account! Love you girl!

    @singin234 - Thanks I really wanted to do this and I think it's great that people do this so that people know that they care and that I want my fans to know how much they mean to me!

  • Do you know what I think is sweet???

    Think it is so sweet for people to do that!!!! I mean you gave up your time to thank people. That is what I think I sweet!! Lots of people do it!! So I think that is so sweet and kind for them to do it!!

  • Aw[no urls] Thanks! That's really nice of you! Right, I need to keep on reading. Even if it means that I need to tie myself up in front of the computer!

  • Aww thanks bluebird!! You're astonishing too!

    spotty dinosaur
  • Thanks for mentioning me! And I love your story! keep it up!

  • Oh my gosh...Thank you SO MUCH for the shout out! Means so much to me that people want to thank me for....God knows what, but all the same, THANK YOU! Also, POST THE NEXT PART RIGHT NOW! I will die wihtout it!

  • Wow thanks so much!! This is so sweet. Always here to support you hun and I hope to get more of my quiz out soon!!

  • Aww,thank you so much!! You are amazing :D

  • Awwie :3 thanks for the shoutout :]


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