Rise of the Guardian: Part 5

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Hey everyone! So...... Yeah, I really don't got much to say, I'm sorta tired ( I only got an hour of sleep last night, and I haven't really ate much, my choice) <--- don't think I'm starving myself or anything, I just haven't been hungry since Monday.

Shout-outs:Shout-out to WeirdHead, for reading these, commenting, and letting me use Abigail (Abby-gail xD.) Shout-out to Ericat: for reading these, commenting, and supporting me this whole time! Last but definitely not least, Shout-out to HoundLover : for reading and commenting on these, and for letting me use Maple! ( read all of their series! They're amaze-balls!)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. " Angelica, wake up." I hear Zach whisper into my ear, his steamy breath tickling my ear. " Ugh, give me like, an hour... Or two." I whined, burying my face deeper into his chest. " No, now. I'm hearing another female voice." " Auh. It's probably just Graysons new girlfriend or something. He's always...." I trailed off, groggily shooting up from the bed, my feet skidding across the floor as I ran to the living room, Maple and another girl sat on the couch, conversing with Grayson.
  2. " Angelica! Wait for me!" Zach cried out from the hallway, my eyes narrowing as Maple gave a small smirk. " Angelica, would you mind helping Abigail find a room?" Grayson asked with a smile, obviously trying to make me jealous. " Sure, would you mind shutting your jealous mouth?" I grinned, leading the girl, Abigail, into an empty room.
  3. ***Abigail***I was sitting in the living room, talking to a girl, Maple, and the boy, Grayson, when a short blonde girl skidded to a halt, a jealous look taking over her face as she spotted me. " Angelica, wait for me!" I heard a male voice cry out, but she didn't wait. Nope, she glided over to Grayson, his face reddening as she placed a hand on her hip. " Angelica, would you mind helping Abigail find a room?" " Sure, would you shut your jealous mouth?" she hissed, taking a hold of my wrist tightly and dragging me across the room, Maple giving a small snicker as I gave a pleading look.
  4. *** Zach***" Where's Angelica?!" I asked Grayson, a look of pure anger in his eyes as he gave a shrug. " How should I know? She walked out of the room, being all jealous and stuff." " Jealous?" I asked curiously, his head nodding vigorously as he looked over at Maple, who nodded in agreement. " Yeah, Zach let in this blondie, and when Angelica came through, I for real thought there'd be a cat fight!" she laughed, my eyes narrowing as I glowered down at Grayson. " Hey, I can't help she wants some of this." he chuckled, gesturing to himself. A fiery passion ran through me as I stormed through the hall, looking for Angelica.
  5. ***Angelica***A thin smile ran across her face as she walked across the room, her blonde wavy hair swaying in the nighttime air blowing in from the open window. " Angelica, was it? Why do you hate me?" she asked, my heart stopping as I realized she was right. I wasn't being myself. " I don't hate you. I'm sorry. I'm just not having the best day, don't take it personally." I shrugged, pulling her into a tiny hug, which she accepted with a grin. " Mind telling me why?" " Well.... It's complicated. My boyfriend, Zach, just asked me out today, and the other guys here weren't exactly happy about it. Grayson proposed to me right after that... Then Maple comes here all snarky and stuff..." I trail off, her chocolatey brown eyes widening as she gave a nod.
  6. " That's..." she started, the door swinging open, light pouring into the darkness surrounding us. " Angelica! There you are! I need to talk to you. Alone." Zach growled, his god-like pyshique tensing up as he saw I was in tears. " I'll... I'll be there in a second." I sniffed, his strong arms wrapping around my waist as he held me tightly in his embrace. " Oh. Abigail, meet Zach, my boyfriend." " Nice to meet you, both of you." she smiled, Zach's eyes still on me as he scooped me up into his arms.
  7. " I'll talk to you later." I told Abigail, giving a small wave as Zach carried me off into the living room, Maple giving a disgusted look as he gave my nose a small peck. " Yuck. Take that elsewhere. " she groaned, Grayson chuckling as nodded in agreement. " Grayson, Angelica. You two need to decide what's going on between you two." Zach stated.
  8. " Zach... What are you talking about?" I asked, rubbing his jawline, his golden eyes looking deeply into my eyes, so much love and passion in them. " Grayson and Maple said you were acting jealous when you saw Abigail. Being as flawless as you are, I know it's not because you think she's prettier than you, so that only leaves the fact that maybe you were jealous she was talking to Grayson." " Zach! You already know that I'm loyal to you, and only you. Besides, I wasn't jealous, I was mad because SOMEBODY *cough* Maple *cough* wouldn't quit smirking at me."
  9. Maple gave a mischievous grin, looking over at Grayson who gave her the same look. " You mean that? Being loyal to me and only me?" Zach asked, holding me closer against his chest as I gave a small smile. "Of course I do, silly. " " Get a room, you two!" Maple groaned, her and Grayson sticking out their tongues in disgust. " Not yet. I need to hear what Grayson has to say about this." Zach demanded, his eyes full of fiery anger as Grayson lowered his head in shame.
  10. " I love her with all of my heart." he muttered, hot tears streaming down my cheeks as I choked back the urge to squeal. I have a boyfriend, after all. " Ooh! This is getting spicy. Mind if I get some popcorn?" Maple chuckled softly, her violet eyes glowing with mischief as both boys glared at her furiously. " Grayson.... I'm... I'm sorry." I whispered, burying my face deeper into Zach's chest, breathing in the smell of Lucky Charms that was stained into his shirt. " What's going on this time?" Daemon asked with a yawn, his hair scruffy, evident he had been sleeping this whole time.
  11. " Grayson just admitted his undying love for Angelica. Jeez, this is better than one of those soap operas on TV!" Maple crowed, throwing back her head in laughter, her turquoise hair flowing back majestically as her eyes began to fill with tears of joy. " Oh boy. Here we go again." Daemon sighed, taking a seat on the corner of the couch, Maple just shrugging. " Listen, Grayson. You can love her all you like, but if you even think about doing anything to her, you're dead meat." Zach hissed viciously, rocking me in his arms like a baby, a blush creeping up my cheeks as he gave me a quick kiss.
  12. " Ew!" I heard Maple screech, Sputtering noises coming from Graysons mouth as Zach kissed me passionately, our lips gently moving in sync with one another, each moment becoming more and more heated. " Okay, that's enough for one night, children." Castiel said as he entered the room, my lips pulling away from Zach. " Angelica..... You know you can't like Zach. He's not meant for you." Grayson sighed.
  13. " And you are?" Zach fired back, holding me so close I felt we'd been glued together. " She's meant to marry me or Daemon, not you, mortal." " Well she's my girlfriend, and she can marry whoever she wants. Last time I checked, you aren't her mom, so go... " " Zach, calm down." I soothed him, sensing the fire coursing through his veins. " I'm so lost right now." Maple whined, Castiel filling her in on everything. " Whoa! So ditzys gotta choose between forbidden love and forced love? Sweet!"
  14. ***Maple***These people are so messed up. Ditzy has to choose between a forbidden love or a forced lover. I mean, I'm surprised she's not going insane by the way they're fawning over her. " Angelica you're so this..." " Angelicas so that... " It's so annoying. Jeez, she'd be better off marrying a frog. At least she wouldn't have to listen to him compliment her all the time.
  15. I gave a small smirk as I watched Grayson and Zach argue back and forth, Angelica in the middle of it, literally. Zach had her in his arms, carrying her like a baby, and Grayson was pressed against her as he shouted some things at Zach. Boys.
  16. *** Angelica ***" Angelica... I want you to marry me. You're everything I need, you're my sunshine and my moonlight." Grayson whispered into my ear, Zach pulling me even closer against him, his heartbeat increasing as I gave a small sigh. " Come over here, Romeo. You know she's taken." Castiel teased, taking Grayson by the arm and leading him to the kitchen.
  17. ***Lucifer***" You destroyed her. Are you happy now?" Derrek repeated, my blood boiling as I looked off into the distance, wondering if Amanda could have..... Nah. She couldn't have survived that. I SAW her desinigrate.... Well, I saw her melt away. Same thing. " Derrek, we have a mission. We both want Angelica, so let's team up again. Maybe I'll let you kiss her here and there if you help."
  18. ***Louis***My wings gently tickled my upper lip as I spun around quickly, a deep breathing noise startling me. " Who's there!?" I called out, my heart against my ribs as my breaths became shallow, my eyes widening as a voice sounded out. " Your worst nightmare."
  19. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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